Business Insider had its first staff meeting at McDonald’s

McDonald’s will set the tone for the industry. Not just about McDonald’s, but for the industry. This is a multi-billion dollar industry, yet one that hasn’t yet caught up to the evolving consumer preferences and needs. We often compared McDonald’s to the railroad, and will likely be facing such competition in five years.

But if you don’t adjust to that challenge, you have only yourself to blame. You will have lost that momentum. You will struggle with a world where consumers expect a lot more of their food options.

Every day, I meet customers who love McDonald’s. And the same people routinely return and visit multiple times over the course of a week. I ask myself what makes these customers so dedicated to McDonald’s. The answer is simple. The food is great and the experience is fast and fun. The food goes to heart and fires up taste buds. It’s like a tapestry woven into our DNA. And we will be keeping that thread strong for the next five years as we focus on ways to prepare the perfect McNugget.

And all the time I’m looking forward to talking with you about the future of McDonald’s. And how I’m leading the transformation of McDonald’s.

Today, I have three responsibilities — developing our menu, creating world-class customer experience and building a talent pipeline. I believe that we need to master those three areas — and make sure we’re competitively positioned in the market.

Today, I’m announcing our menu for the five-year period between 2021 and 2022. You will see that our future menu is very, very Darwinian. I said the same thing to our culinary team. We’re going to focus on serving the world’s greatest tasting food. If a little more fat and a little more salt are the way to enhance a taste profile that makes you smile, then that’s what we will be doing. The focus is very simple — get the ingredients right, create something special and serve it quickly. If I succeed, I will be known as the greatest foodie.

I’m eager to tell you about other exciting initiatives and new product strategies we’ll be testing across the USA. I’m eager to share our experiences in new menu tests like. Right. By Lobster.

So for me, the Future is here now. I hope you will join me, the food experts and our customers to help keep us on the right course.

Thank you,

Steve Easterbrook

Chief Executive Officer

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