Michael Seitzman: A Humble Illustration of Carrie Fisher’s Brilliance

With midterm and presidential elections behind us, the entertainment industry truly lost a great star this year with the tragic passing of Carrie Fisher.

I have had the pleasure to work with the incomparable Carrie Fisher for many years, most recently as an audience member at the Tony Awards on stage at Radio City Music Hall. I experienced a glimpse into this talented woman’s brilliance and beauty that would give the most cynical of critics pause.

Carrie was a force of nature, and we all knew how brilliant she was, both on and off screen. When we began our conversations, I immediately recognized her in and out of her character, which as a producer of the Tony Awards, was extremely rare. Carrie gave us the benefit of all her years of experience in front of and behind the camera, and I was awestruck by her wit and humility.

This is a story that played out at the Tony Awards in New York, New York, where the iconic Carrie Fisher had offered up, in an off-the-cuff moment, her assessment of the Tony Award nominations: “Please allow me to introduce my category,” she said, “Which I don’t know either.” (I kid you not: Carrie Fisher at the Tony Awards.)

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