Official state of emergency: 2018-2019

Omar Alghabra MP

MP Omar Alghabra said the Government’s latest pandemic surveillance and control plan will help Canadians get the help they need on the ground.

“I support the Government of Canada’s pandemic preparedness strategy and will continue to ensure that our Government does everything possible to help Canadians prepare for and help us respond to any future pandemic,” Alghabra said.

Drew Smyth MP

MP Drew Smyth said it’s vital that Canadians are educated on how to help the pandemic effort on the ground.

“Those gaps in our knowledge can mean the difference between being and not being properly prepared to face the outbreak and it’s of critical importance that Canadians are familiar with how to help the pandemic effort on the ground,” Smyth said.

André Arthur MP

MP André Arthur said if a national pandemic was to occur, the Canadian government would be facing its worst case scenario.

“The current plan works through bringing together National Emergencies as well as responding to emergencies to better coordinate our public health efforts on the ground,” Arthur said.

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