WATCH: Model Finds Videotaped Secret Camera in Hotel Change Room

A Montreal man has been charged with voyeurism after a model allegedly found recording device in the change room of a hotel near Toronto.

Ontario Provincial Police said they were alerted to the possibility a camera had been inserted into the Ontario Francophone Hotel in University-Rosedale, north of Toronto.

It’s at that hotel where a model stopped at a change room on January 25 after performing a shoot for a celebrity and identified a small camera as “suspicious,” police said.

On February 20, police located 25-year-old Lino L. Campbell on St. Catherines Island, off Lake Erie, and arrested him. Police said he was found to have a VHS video camera and a memory card that contained photographs of a model, as well as covert recordings of the model, and genitalia and other images.

Campbell was charged with one count of voyeurism and one count of unauthorized possession and production of child pornography, police said.

Campbell made a court appearance Friday.

Police called the case “abnormal.”

“It is unusual for a work space to be taped and if what is alleged happened in this case was an unintended invasion of privacy for the intended targets of this video, it is not unusual for a person recording images of them unknowingly to be a voyeur or someone who does not have legal justification for such a thing,” Const. Clint Stibbe said.

Campbell will return to court on March 16.

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