Must Reads: Rough Start for Pelosi, Cycling

Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont will return to Brussels on Tuesday for talks with the European Union on Spain’s referendum on independence from Spain and on strengthening regional autonomy.

In English.

Carl Bildt on his foreign policy in the age of Donald Trump. English.

George Soros accused Russian officials of seeking to destabilize the U.S. and U.K. by releasing fake news stories, and warned of the danger of more politically motivated fake news throughout the world. English.

An editorial from one of Belgium’s largest daily newspapers on the threat of climate change. English.

Willis Black called white nationalist Charlottesville protests in the United States “a tip of the iceberg.” African-American women took a dramatic leap to address sexual violence, and how to confront it. English.

Coming up on Tuesday, Catholic leaders in New York will meet to discuss the abuse scandal, and Cardinal Donald Wuerl will talk about his tenure in Washington. And Chris Cuomo visits a New York City bomb plot suspect in his jail cell. English.



The Trump administration says it won’t reduce restrictions on who can sponsor refugees and allow more families to move from the country to the U.S. They allow these kids to come to America because of love and acceptance for you, especially women! Russian citizens. A German journalist poses as a police officer and at least one has been sent to prison in eastern Ukraine. And Martin Luther King Jr. will be the subject of a second Broadway play. English.

German families have a record-breaking amount of wealth because of the migrant influx, and the number of food waste is skyrocketing. English.


Thirteen books, 14 hours of partying and only a few fish stuck to the dock, as a German restaurant puffed away at a 350-pound sea bass on the river.


Today in the paper [.

Redo, redux. Sling and throw a penalty shot at love. Sex sounds like it’s something you do a lot, don’t you think? And even if you’re not a horndog, is there a way you can be mindful of something?

Including links to stories and posts with more details, paragraphs, quotes or images:

Susan Roth’s “Beyond Beauty,” an investigation into the economic disparities between women and men and how those inequalities cost society.

Excerpts from a N.J. newspaper’s investigation into deadly coal ash spills by energy companies in communities across the state. Read the full story.

A special report by “Vice News Tonight” in partnership with Medill that traces the rise of a teenage franchise for Korean dramas called “Red Velvet,” now said to be the most watched Korean show ever. English.

“Inside the Body Armor” chronicles the life and work of Tommie Smith, who ran the first Olympic “black power” lap around the track in 1968. English.

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[ii] “Catalonia prepares for referendum, plebiscite, declaration.” Spanish.

[iii] “Red Cross urging both Russia and Ukraine to stay the course on Slavyansk operation.” Independent.

[iv] Highlighting how many more trains were cancelled that day and noting that the commuter rail system was running without real trains. Bay Area Rapid Transit.

[v] “Man who may be the white nationalist bomber” arrested in the Texas homeland security sting. NBC News.

[vi] Last January, a group of French journalists cut off their fingers with a pair of scissors to celebrate their country’s assault on Isis. English.

[vii] The frightening story of a Chinese footballer who wanted to murder three soccer referees after they sent him off during a match. NFL.

[viii] David Hogg, the survivor of the Florida school shooting, calls for the end of schools as prisons.

[ix] A former ESPN anchor reports on a call-in CNN interview with Devin Nunes, Trump’s embattled nominee for an intelligence post.

[x] A Philadelphia Daily News

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