‘I’ve learned the real stories behind her,’ Colton Underwood says after his ‘coming out’

Remember Season 20 of “The Bachelor” in January, when Colton Underwood said he was learning about LGBTQ relations for the first time?

Well, his official “coming out” has come from an unlikely place. The 26-year-old, formerly known as Zach, posted a warning on social media to start taking down his old private photos in exchange for $50,000 after someone broke into his account.

A prankster was using Underwood’s account and called him out. “Hey man,” a man was heard saying. “What do you say, you wanna get this beat down for $50,000. Yeah, just how it is, bro.”

“I said ok, y’all broke in into my account last night, and that’s never happened before,” he added. “I think I had the upper hand, man.”

Meanwhile, someone else saw Underwood’s post on Facebook. They sent him an email.

“Dear Colton,” the message read. “To begin with, I am sorry you’re having this problem with someone. No matter who the other person is, they don’t have a right to put you down. It’s not fair and it’s not even honest.”

The email continued: “I know you probably can’t be with anyone and that’s understandable. It’s no big deal, but your real conversations can be with any of the other individuals you were able to tell on the show. I’ve read that you had a lot of anger towards girls and specifically Hannah B. She was never right for you or anybody for that matter. Like you said, you didn’t have anyone to really have a conversation with in the house and break through all that negativity. You have gotten nowhere since Hannah B. It’s not too late for you to get there. I wish you nothing but the best and I would love to work with you in your journey for change. Just for you sir.”

The email ended with a dollar.

According to TMZ, an “inside source” called the story “100 percent accurate.”

Underwood’s episode “Coming Out” will air on Feb. 13 on ABC.

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