Canada health officials report 25 cases of deadly flu

All of the provinces reported cases of the deadly respiratory virus Monday, but Ontario’s numbers were higher than some Canadian provinces.

The Canada Health Measures Network’s map showed 12 cases of the respiratory illness in Ontario on Monday. There were 12 cases in Quebec and 11 in Manitoba.

Ontario, along with the other provinces, had experienced the illness in the previous week as well, according to the Globe and Mail.

Quebec’s government had announced last week it had estimated nearly 2,000 cases of the respiratory illness among government staff and their families.

On Twitter, Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor wrote on Sunday: “Beach temperatures high, please remember that our government has measures in place to protect you against coming into contact with sick people.”

That message continued Monday on Twitter, with a post saying the Ontario government has agreed to cover 75 percent of the cost of flu shots to Ontarians.

There were reports that a nursing home employee had a flu vaccine mix-up at the Prince of Wales Assisted Living in Toronto. It was not clear whether patients were vaccinated at the facility or if the employee had been tested for influenza.

The fever-producing virus, called Influenza Type 19 (CoVID-19), is resistant to at least one of the anti-viral medicines.

The viruses in older people are also less likely to respond to the antibiotics used to treat them, so doctors are told to also begin vaccinating people with chronic illnesses to reduce the spread of the illness.

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