H1N1 flu: dead babies among cases as flu outbreak spreads across Canada

Babies have already been struck by the H1N1 virus as they try to become ‘Canadian flu’.

Quebec has reported 1,256 cases of H1N1 since September with one case of death, the province’s public health agency has said.

Eight cases of dead babies have also been detected and 819 active outbreaks, the figures showed.

The states of Quebec and Ontario recorded 69 and 102 cases, respectively.

The “intensified campaign” is continuing in Quebec as the primary strain – the H1N1 or “swine flu” – is still circulating, Quebec’s Minister of Health Diane Lamarre said.

This year, they say, the deaths occurred in infants and children from birth to four months and, in boys, under the age of five.

Last year, a total of 53 deaths were recorded in Quebec from all types of seasonal flu.

Health officials also say it is estimated that around 1,700 people are hospitalized with the virus every year.

The Northern hemisphere experienced a mild flu season during the winter, with only a couple of dozen cases reported in Canada.

But the return of the H1N1 virus has changed that – with cases already reported in several other states and the region – in Canada and the northern hemisphere.

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