‘Everything Beautiful Is Nearby’ is supposed to be Netflix’s next hot romantic comedy

Anyone who’s seen a Thanksgiving feast knows the frustrations of getting two hungry people to accept a turkey as a second entrée, not to mention more, but for a movie, one woman’s culinary efforts might have been the key to a romance.

Sixteen years ago, Stacy Mosher, who already lived with her sister and best friend after leaving college in California, attended a Thanksgiving where her family didn’t invite her boyfriend of one month. So when her best friend, Stephanie Bekker, invited her to join the two of them at her own house instead, she had to accept — even though she was still friends with her former lover. The two went on to hold “mood parties” every time they met up at Bekker’s place, and found themselves turning down a free meal from food delivery services in favor of getting in a long, cozy hug. They started dating and married shortly thereafter.

“We were exactly what you’d expect: a pair of Southern belles,” the New York Times writes of the romantic comedy “Everything Beautiful Is Nearby,” which is planned to appear on Netflix this year. “If the movie is anything like its married protagonists, it will be full of strolling and smooth as a spray of summer roses,” Slate says.

Anyone wanting to get in on the hilarious family dynamic of watching Stacy and Stephanie navigate their lives as a married couple will probably have to wait a few years, as filming of the movie is expected to begin this summer. The Times says the film’s producers are aiming for a $35 million budget, a small figure for a movie focusing on two people attempting to keep their relationship alive.

Read the full story at The New York Times.


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