Former CNN anchor Campbell Brown criticizes network’s ‘long time’ lack of women in on-air roles

Former CNN anchor Campbell Brown offered an extended critique of the CNN news and politics coverage during her presentation at a News and Media Summit. Brown praised Fox News and MSNBC for giving more airtime to women but pointed out that CNN doesn’t have a single woman on its political team.

“It has been a long time since we have had a woman anchoring a Sunday show,” Brown said on Thursday.

She urged the news network to take a page from the playbook of Fox News, which keeps its Sunday show on Bill O’Reilly as long as he’s relevant. “It’s time to at least put a woman on CNN’s Sunday program,” Brown added. “We have watched Fox’s decision to keep Bill O’Reilly on Sunday and build his ratings through the years. … Why not have one woman on the Sunday program?”

A spokeswoman for CNN said the network does have two women on Sunday programs. Margaret Hoover hosts a panel show, “The Lead with Margaret Hoover,” and Ashleigh Banfield hosts a Sunday morning political commentary show, “Erin Burnett OutFront.”

CNN is currently looking for a new anchor to replace Brown as host of “Starting Point with Campbell Brown.” Brown resigned in 2009 after serving as anchor for one year. She now works as an analyst and commentator for the network.

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