Police arrest suspect in March killing of mother of three

A man has been arrested in the shooting death of the mother of three, Jacqueline Avant, in her Brooklyn home in March. According to authorities, 22-year-old Richard James was arrested Saturday night. The murder was committed on March 29 by a younger woman, who was not named by police. Avant was killed by her husband, Shaun Avant, when he arrived home intoxicated.

Local media reported that the murder was a result of a domestic dispute. Police believe the couple was having a disagreement in their apartment when Shaun accidentally shot Jacqueline. Shaun was charged with manslaughter but released on bail after he also received medical attention for a blood clot. He is still in the police custody, but could possibly face additional charges.

Avant, 40, also had another son and three daughters, aged 9, 11, and 15. It is not clear if Richard James is the father of all of the children.

While it may have been an accidental shooting, Jacqueline’s family believes James’ arrest is a step in the right direction, and the possibility of finding her murder suspect has her children hopeful. “I feel a little better knowing that they’re having an arrest,” Jaclyn Avant told the New York Daily News.

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