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[…] [O]ngoing vandalism and destruction of the homes, hotels, restaurants, bars, and other businesses along the BIHB corridor continues to be an unacceptable issue that could impact the region’s recovery efforts. City leaders have been working with residents, officials, and stakeholders, to make proactive measures to try to prevent further graffiti damage to vacant or otherwise damaged properties, including legislation to penalize property owners who do not maintain their properties for the safety of their communities, property owners who destroy business/hotel property or commercial properties in a careless or irresponsible manner, or property owners who take steps to preemptively prevent vandals from damage their property. City leaders have stepped up patrols in the BIHB corridor to help combat vandals and continue the city’s history of engaging with stakeholders and the community to help find and educate the responsible party on the current complaint and offer solutions.

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