Possibilities and Traditions at Stockholm Design Week

Written by By Håkan Dahlström, CNN Sweden

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith’s work is often done through metaphors and emotional appeal. She calls her project “Games and Geometry” and uses images and symbols to shed light on everyday experience and rituals.

“A lot of this work is kind of an aesthetic choice: finding the kind of joy that you feel in your own experience through the banality of geometric shapes and shapes within that context,” she said at the recent exhibit exhibition “Possibilities and Traditions.”

Born in the Netherlands and based in Rotterdam, Smith was also part of the discussion on how with 3D printing and fashion, furniture design is becoming more traditional, more heartfelt and less abstract.

“People want things that are more tangible and to be purchased that actually have real utility — not all machines now come with a hologram projector in the box, they don’t like that, or even something that looks like an object,” Smith said.

Experiences of cities can be about creating one’s own language, says Smith, and the interaction of cities in how they speak to each other.

“The big difference here in Stockholm are the lingua franca of social media and messaging. Every evening, every weekend everyone from your neighborhood comes to your house … but what is beyond this … is what is happening in real life, when everyone is still home, what is happening in your own life? How do you make sense of that or express yourself in your own world and then pass through the world?”

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