Girl, 9, Recaptured on Way to Pakistani Kidnap By Home-Delivered Aid Group

Nine-year-old Saad ul-Hasan had been kidnapped at the age of eight months and was sold into a child marriage in Afghanistan, before being rescued by members of a charity.

The BBC reported on Wednesday that the child, along with two other young girls, were rescued by members of a local charity from the Pakistan and Afghanistan border. Each girl was forced to marry an older man, in order to save the marriage and maintain custody of their daughters.

Ghazala Akmal of the Girl’s Education is a Priority campaign of Hands Across the Border (HOT) said: “This was shocking news for us. We were told this information in January and immediately started looking for these girls.

“They have been identified by their new husbands. The girls are being put in touch with their family now and are getting a proper education. No one has been convicted so far for abduction.

“These families are poor and now have to put the food on the table and educate the children. Children are not allowed to leave the house without their mothers’ permission. Now, however, they can go out and buy a decent education.”

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