Hawkeye learns new trick with new superhero tech

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Hawkeye and Black Widow went toe-to-toe in an animated fight

Hawkeye’s got a new partner on his US TV show – a sensor that allows him to see through objects.

Marvel’s Hawkeye will debut in August as part of Disney+ streaming service.

The show is set in an animated version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe universe, where Clint Barton doesn’t have a superhero alter-ego.

In the new series, he will be joined by Black Widow, who has previously been played by Scarlett Johansson in movies.

The episode’s website and trailer show that the character can “see through walls” and “all the way to the wood grain of the surface of the diamond”.

When asked if it was voice-over rather than motion capture technology, executive producer and Marvel Studios head, Kevin Feige, told Deadline the filming of the show was “virtually all three-dimensional motion capture”.

He added: “So it’s not like we’re using digital intermediate and compositing – it’s really three-dimensional, as it should be.

“It doesn’t appear like we’re animating it, in a way, because, once it’s done, it’s always three-dimensional and we can kind of map all of that dynamic energy, and then take the warmth and the verve and the flaws and the fabric and use those in the way we do in live action when we’ve shot a performance so that it can enhance and enhance and enhance.”

Image copyright Marvel Image caption The season premiere is scheduled for August on Disney+

The TV show will be the fifth straight-to-series order for Disney+

In March last year, Netflix ended its 13-year run as the streaming home of Marvel’s TV shows after Disney agreed to take over some content rights.

Marvel’s shows will be made available on the Disney+ service from late summer.

Disney+ also includes the studio’s first stand-alone streaming service and more than 30 movies and shows set for release from Disney’s existing film and TV studios.

It will also include much of the latest Disney library of shows and movies such as series of series from Frozen and Star Wars.

There are plans to launch the new platform in more than 200 countries.

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