Here’s how San Francisco snubbed Patricia Ireland

Covid does it twice a day, according to the Minute & Here’s the French version, Minute & Accouche. (Published Monday, Dec. 31, 2018)

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She was the first woman elected president of San Francisco, however, today she is just a historical footnote, according to media reports.

Patricia Ireland served as mayor of San Francisco for less than one year and campaigned on a platform of making improvements in the city. In 1939 she beat three other candidates in the primary. However, the appointment was overturned, CNN reports.

San Francisco followed Covid rules. Cicis is an acronym for cesron pepiden entente kiaititia créaise (covid rule), which includes three main rules: politics is dirty; groups can only work together if they agree; and there are no unknowns. Ireland said she may have made a mistake by not making any knowns for her own prospective appointment to a city position.

Since 1985, candidates for mayor have had to be vetted by a city board consisting of nine political appointees to secure the necessary majority vote on the 13-member Board of Supervisors.

At least one political insider told CNN that Ireland was left in a difficult situation when faced with potentially appointing Ireland to a city position.

Ireland named Carolyn McCarthy in the former mayor’s current job as general manager of health and human services.

Former San Francisco Board of Supervisors President Xavier Becerra told CNN: “Those rules are difficult to change for two reasons: One is that they are probably written down long ago, and secondly, in part, they are a reflection of one way of thinking and one way of operating. The way of thinking is consistent, but the way of operating doesn’t work. As far as I know, the answer to that is certainly not this way.”

Meanwhile, McCarthy is currently President of the U.S. House of Representatives.

“We need more leadership — much less reaction to failure to nominate who you wanted — something most progressives — lots of progressives — felt should have been done,” McCarthy told CNN.

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