Jill Biden Talks About Leaving White House at World Food Day Event

HECK, today was pretty special for Jill Biden.

The former First Lady and her husband Joe Biden came to the White House for an “intimate conversation” in honor of World Food Day — something Jill Biden has been involved with for years — but there was something more significant at work as the two watched US troops eat their way through an event celebrating the day.

“You want to know what I’m going to miss in the White House?” she asked Joe Biden. “Looking across at the troops and just thinking they need so much food. Even though that’s often their weapon of choice, it was sweet for me to see them actually eat what they were given.”

So the couple said goodbye to the White House after the event and unpacked their things into their adopted home at the Naval Observatory near the White House.

Jill added that there is “so much going on now” with the new administration — “but at this moment, I just feel so grateful that we’re here and can be here and celebrate.”

Jill Biden has been keeping busy since leaving the White House, enjoying the family’s recent trip to New York and staying connected to human rights causes.

“I’ve learned a lot of lessons from my husband, from him being our eldest child, watching him in places where people are suffering and finally realizing what’s at stake when you don’t stand up for human rights,” she said.

Watch the full interview above.

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