Masked ninja shoots officer in Marseille police station

A masked man dressed as a ninja opened fire on an official police station in Marseille on Thursday morning, leaving one officer wounded.

The unnamed suspect, who reportedly yelled “this is for Trump” in English, arrived at the police station on a motorcycle armed with a knife, according to officials at the scene. The man then attempted to force his way inside, but it was not clear how he managed to get access to the restricted area. He was shot after sending the driver of a car driving near the police station running into a nearby bus stop. According to officials, the driver then flagged down an officer at the scene, who took cover behind his desk.

As officers tried to subdue the suspect, he pulled out a 30-centimeter long samurai sword and began swinging it in the direction of the officers.

The police officer suffered a minor gunshot wound during the exchange. He was later taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, but officials have said that he is expected to make a full recovery.

The suspect was arrested and taken into custody. It is not yet clear whether he was targeting any specific group or individuals.

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